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Mitchell Hooper

Professional Strongman

Height: 6’4″
Weight: 310 LBS


Mitchell Hooper is a Canadian Strongman that has taken the strongman world by storm. After turning pro in 2022 he has collected an impressive 9 podium finishes in his rookie year. Mitchell is officially the First Canadian to WIN the title of Worlds Strongest Man, which he accomplished at the 2023 WSM in Myrtle Beach. He also claims 2022 World Strongman finalist, with the third heaviest deadlift in Strongman history! He’s placed first in the 2021 Static Masters, first in the 2021 Iron Revolution Strength Challenge, first at the New South Wales Strongest man 2021,  second at Giants Live Strongman Classic in London 2022, second at the Giants Live World Open in Wales 2022, third at the Shaw Classic 2022, first at the Arnold UK 2022, first at the Giants Live World Tour Finals in Glasgow and third at the Rogue Invitational in Texas 2022. Most recently. Mitchell has won first at the Australian Strongman and Arnold Ohio 2023! This guy has hit Strongman worldwide like a freight train and he’s on his way to being the worlds strongest man! But his contribution to the world of athletics doesn’t stop there…

Not only is Mitchell a force to be reckoned with in Strongman, but he has also become a advocate for healthy lifestyles with his clinic in Barrie, Ontario where he teaches a new generation of athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyday people how to take control of their physical health. With a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a wealth of knowledge and experience in university sports, bodybuilding, weightlifting and Strongman, Mitchell is teaching his fans how to BE GREAT and chase their goals. You can even catch Mitchell at events all over the world breaking down the science of Strongman lifts and giving hopeful competitors an edge so they too can reach their highest potential!