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PERFECT Sports wants to help support all those who dedicate their lives to protect the rest of us.

PERFECT Sports logo with Canadian military cadpat in background, with text reading Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence
PERFECT Sports logo with first responder badges as background, firefighter on left, paramedic right and police bottom in red, blue and silver

Once you are approved, you will receive your own code that will give you 20% off on our site. Your discount is exclusive to you and cannot be used with any other sale or discount. In order to be approved, you must be an actively serving member of the Canadian Military, Police Force, Fire Department or Ambulance/EMT.

Each of you who expend your time and effort to achieve the highest level of preparation and professionalism – we want to contribute to helping you reach your highest potential. We want you to BE GREAT so you can continue to help make Canada great!

We commend all of those who strive to BE GREAT.

Thank you!

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    Thank you!