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Felice Herrig

This is a story of true courage. A fighter in the fight of her life, battling against all odds to regain what she lost.

A chance twist of fate dealt this UFC Fighter a tragic hand – now transformed into victory by determination and spirit!

PERFECT Sports is proud to have top-ranked UFC Strawweight fighter Felice ‘Lil Bulldog’ Herrig on the team. Felice hails from Crystal Lake, Illinois and has had a storied career in combat sports.

While she’s well known as an MMA fighter, Felice was originally a professional kickboxer… and she was good at it too. She’s held multiple titles and has fought in 28 fights with a record of 23-5-0.

Since then, Felice made the transition in MMA and has fought in multiple organizations including the Bellator, XFC, Invicta and the UFC. She was also a participant in The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), which is a reality TV series and MMA competition.

Following her run on TUF, Felice has been a mainstay in the Strawweight division. She has fought in 22 pro MMA fights and what’s even more impressive – Felice has never been submitted or knocked out! She’s as formidable as they come.


Recently, Felice was preparing for an upcoming fight when she tore her ACL and had to be pulled from the event.

As part of her rehabilitation, Felice has partnered with PERFECT Sports and is now using our products (e.g., DIESELHULK and BCAA HYPER CLEAR) to help her get “back into the fight”.

Once again, we are proud to have Felice on our roster of athletes. She has been an exemplar of the motto ‘BE GREAT’ throughout her career.

Felice Herrig possesses a work ethic and level of dedication that is second to none. We are honored that she chose PERFECT Sports to be a part of her support system and we will be in her corner as she climbs to the top!

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