Bree Howling


Bree Howling


Professional Boxer


Calgary, AB





National Muay Thai Champion

Bree Howling is a remarkable figure in Canadian boxing, known for her exceptional record as an undefeated professional boxer, boasting a 5-0 tally that includes one knockout. Born on March 5th, 1998, and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Bree has not only excelled in boxing but also as a National Muay Thai Champion. Her tenacity and skill in the ring are further highlighted by her achievement of being the first Canadian woman to fight three-minute rounds professionally, a significant milestone in the sport.

Beyond her achievements in the ring, Bree is deeply committed to fitness and boxing as a Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach. Her passion for the sport extends beyond her personal accomplishments as she dedicates herself to training and inspiring others in her community. Bree’s journey in boxing and her role as a coach make her a standout personality, embodying the spirit and determination that mark the true essence of a champion.

No stone left unturned. Nothing given, Everything Earned.
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