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Chatto Monk


Online Fitness Coach








8th April 1995



1st Place CPA Natural Mens Physique

Coach Chatto Monk, an online fitness coach and competitive athlete from Kelowna, BC, has made a significant impact in the fitness world. Born on April 8, 1995, with a weight of 200 lbs and standing 5’9″ tall, Chatto’s journey in fitness transitioned from national-level soccer to a focused dedication in the gym after an injury ended his soccer career. This pivot led to his notable achievement of taking 1st place in the CPA Natural Men’s Physique competition.

Beyond his personal accomplishments, Chatto’s passion extends to empowering others through fitness and nutrition. His background in national soccer instilled in him the importance of physical conditioning, which he further honed after shifting his focus to bodybuilding and men’s physique competitions. His commitment to self-improvement and helping others achieve their best selves is encapsulated in his favorite quote by Cristiano Ronaldo, “If you think you’re already perfect, you never will be.”

Chatto’s dedication to nutrition and supplementation education, underscored by obtaining multiple nutrition certifications, enables him to offer comprehensive guidance to his clients. As a proponent of Perfect Sports supplements, he confidently recommends these products, trusting their efficacy for both his and his clients’ training regimens. When not coaching or competing, Chatto enjoys snowboarding and golf, showcasing his love for a well-rounded active lifestyle.

If you think you're already perfect, you never will be - Christiano Ronaldo
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