Jakub Maciaszek


Jakub Maciaszek


Online Lifestyle Coach


West Kelowna, British Columbia






29th October 1992



Overcame obesity, binge eating and body dysmorphia

Jakub Maciaszek, hailing from West Kelowna, British Columbia, embodies transformation and resilience as an online lifestyle coach. Born on October 29, 1992, and standing at 6’2″ weighing 210 lbs, Jakub’s personal journey from battling obesity, binge eating, and body dysmorphia to becoming a beacon of health and fitness is a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity. His pivotal achievement is not just the physical transformation but the mental and emotional breakthroughs that followed.

Certified as a personal trainer and nutritionist, Jakub’s path to wellness began in high school amidst struggles with weight, depression, and the aftermath of misguided fitness advice. This challenging phase led him to pursue an education in exercise science and nutrition, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the fitness industry. With over a decade of experience in gym management and collaboration with naturopaths in clinics, he recognized the limitations of traditional training and clinical approaches that often overlooked the holistic nature of health.

Driven by a desire to offer a comprehensive wellness strategy, Jakub transitioned to online coaching, integrating nutrition, training, mindset, and recovery into his programs. This shift allowed him to not only enhance the impact on his clients’ lives but also reach a broader audience. Inspired by Lao Tzu’s wisdom, “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place,” Jakub is committed to guiding others through their transformation journeys, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach to health that nurtures both the body and mind.

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place - Lao Tzu
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