Mateo Vogel


Mateo Vogel


MMA fighter








5th March 1996



Professional MMA Champion x4

Mateo Vogel, an Ottawa native born on March 5, 1996, has carved a formidable path in the world of mixed martial arts. Beginning his athletic journey at the tender age of 4, Mateo’s competitive spirit and innate scrappiness were evident early on. His fascination with MMA took root at 10, leading him to wrestling by 12 and Brazilian jiu-jitsu by 14. These disciplines not only shaped his youth but steered him towards a life dedicated to athletic excellence, amassing numerous medals and honing his skills.

Despite facing setbacks with knee injuries at 19 and 20, Mateo’s resilience saw him through, contributing to the foundation of “New Era Combat Sports” (now 613 Fight Factory). This shift marked his full transition to MMA, where he quickly disproved doubters by going 3-0 in his first professional year, all victories by submission. His journey from a “nobody” to a promising rookie prospect was meteoric.

Mateo’s career is highlighted by becoming a four-time Professional MMA Champion, including titles like the BFL featherweight champion, with successful defenses and a recent win as the Unified MMA Featherweight champion in 2024, positioning him as one of Canada’s top prospects. His story is a testament to the belief that “Circumstances don’t make the man, they only reveal him to himself,” a quote by Epictetus that Mateo holds dear.

Circumstances don’t make the man , they only reveal him to himself - Epictetus
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