McKiya Mazur


McKiya Mazur


Hockey Player & Strength Coach


Russell Manitoba






2nd September 2002



Captained Team Manitoba, excelled academically, overcame injuries.

McKiya Mazur, born on September 2, 2002, in Russell, Manitoba, has carved a niche for herself as an influential hockey player and strength coach. Her journey into sports began in a small, rural community where she explored various athletics before falling deeply in love with ice hockey at the age of ten. Recognizing the need to enhance her physical strength to compete effectively, McKiya embarked on strength training at thirteen, which not only built her physique but also bolstered her mental toughness.

Throughout her high school years at RINK Hockey Academy in Winnipeg, she honed her skills and leadership, eventually leading and captaining Team Manitoba U18. Simultaneously, she tackled the challenges of USport Varsity Hockey, balancing a demanding course load with her athletic commitments. McKiya’s resilience shone through as she overcame two significant injuries to participate in national tournaments and further her development as an athlete and leader.

Beyond the rink, McKiya graduated from the STFX Leadership Academy as a Leader of Distinction and served as a Sports Performance Intern, gaining accolades for her dedication and leadership. At 18, she began her career as a certified personal trainer and coach, working with a diverse clientele ranging from young budding athletes to seniors managing chronic conditions.

Currently, as one of the head strength and conditioning coaches at the Western Canada Hockey Academy in Brandon, Manitoba, McKiya strives to be the mentor she wished she had. She is committed to inspiring the next generation of athletes and supporting others on their health journeys, embodying her favorite mantra: “Where focus goes, energy flows.” Her approach to coaching and life attracts and motivates individuals across all ages, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Where focus goes, energy flows.
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