Mitchell Hooper


Mitchell Hooper


World's Strongest Man


Toronto, ON





World's Strongest Man

Mitchell Hooper, a Canadian powerhouse in the realm of strongman competitions, was born on September 29, 1995. He turned professional in 2022 and swiftly made a name for himself with an impressive array of achievements in his rookie year. Weighing 320lbs and standing at 6’3″, Mitchell’s most notable feat is becoming the first Canadian to win the title of World’s Strongest Man at the 2023 event in Myrtle Beach. His accolades include the 2022 World Strongman finalist position, boasting the third heaviest deadlift in Strongman history, along with multiple first-place finishes in renowned competitions like the 2021 Static Masters, 2021 Iron Revolution Strength Challenge, and several Giants Live events.

Beyond his colossal presence in strongman contests, Mitchell is an advocate for health and fitness, running a clinic in Barrie, Ontario. With a Masters in Exercise Physiology and rich experience spanning university sports, bodybuilding, weightlifting, and strongman, he dedicates himself to teaching athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and the general public about physical health. Mitchell is not just an athlete but also a mentor, sharing his insights at events worldwide and helping others to reach their highest potential in the field of strength athletics. His journey is not just about personal victories but also about inspiring and educating a new generation on the principles of greatness and goal achievement.

Lift Heavy, Be Kind.
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