Pat Pytlik


Pat Pytlik


MMA Fighter


Waterloo, ON




6 ft


24th February 2024



UNIFIED Welterweight Champion

Pat Pytlik began his journey into combat sports at 16, starting with Muay Thai. He competed across North America as an amateur before going professional at 19, eventually fighting in Southeast Asia after moving to Thailand. His Muay Thai career culminated in a victory in Chang Mai at 21, which was also his last due to an injury involving broken ribs, leading him to retire from the sport. Two years later, amid a layoff in Alberta’s oil sands, Pytlik found his way to Hayabusa Training Centre, where he met Luke “Hayabusa” Harris. Despite Pytlik’s lack of MMA experience, Harris provided mentorship and a job, sparking Pytlik’s MMA career. Quickly adapting to the new sport, he excelled as a professional, securing a 9-1 record with all wins by knockout and winning the Unified Welterweight title. His recent victory has now offered him an opportunity to compete for a UFC contract on Dana White’s Contender Series in August. Pytlik is also associated with PERFECT Sports, appreciating the quality of their products and the company’s values. As he continues his journey, Pytlik remains dedicated to his passion, embracing risks and overcoming obstacles in a manner that truly embodies the spirit of a martial artist.

“It’s better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand.”
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