Rebecca Eitze


Rebecca Eitze


Professional Chef / Fitness Coach


St. Catharines






7th September 1986



Max Bench 185 / Max Deadlift 285

Rebecca, affectionately known by many as “Muscle Mommy,” has seamlessly woven her passions for cooking and fitness into the fabric of her life. Her culinary journey is centered around the creation of macro-friendly dishes that do not compromise on flavour, embodying her belief that achieving one’s dream physique should not come at the expense of enjoying food. Rebecca’s kitchen is a place of warmth and innovation, where nurturing hearts and bodies goes hand in hand with each delicious and nutritious bite she prepares.

Entering the fitness realm in 2017, Rebecca faced her fair share of trials, including managing Type 1 diabetes and bouncing back from a daunting knee injury. But these challenges only deepened her resolve. The following year, she took a heartfelt plunge into furthering her fitness education, not with an eye on a career shift but driven by a deep-seated passion to conquer her own health and fitness aspirations. This personal quest not only shaped the body she dreamed of but also became a cornerstone of her mental resilience, blending a personal touch with professionalism in creating a nurturing and informed space for growth.

Beyond her expertise in fitness and cooking, Rebecca’s life is also deeply enriched by her practice of meditation, which brings a sense of balance and inner peace to her dynamic lifestyle. Her infectious positivity shines through in all aspects of her life, whether she’s engaging in volleyball, pickleball, or savouring quality moments with family and friends. Central to her heart is her daughter, Jane, with whom she shares life’s most precious moments. Rebecca’s multifaceted life, marked by her pursuit of physical wellness, the joy of cooking, and the tranquility of meditation, is a testament to her belief in a balanced and fulfilling life.

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first an then seek to win - Sun Tzu
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