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BURN CYCLE • Delicious Anytime Fat-Burning Energy

1000 mg

L-carnitine Tartrate

500 mg


200 mg





  • Banned Substance Free
  • Reduces Hunger + Sugar-Free & ZERO Carbs
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Intense Focus & Energy

BURN CYCLE is the perfect keto energy drink product with proven weight-loss ingredients in one easy-to-mix drink. Use BURN CYCLE to get a quick boost of energy before you hit the gym (or as the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me up!) and is perfect for keto because it accelerates the way your body naturally metabolizes fat into energy!

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Delicious anytime fat-burning energy!

The perfect solution for fasted cardio

That’s what BURN CYCLE was built for! It’s loaded with highly-effective ingredients like L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (LCLT), Caffeine, Taurine, Olive extract, Achyranthes aspera and Synephrine. Each ingredient plays a key role in amplifying your fat-oxidizing potential (that helps generate ketones):

  • L-Carnitine facilitates transport of long-chain fatty acids to be used as energy
  • Achyranthes aspera helps to reduce appetite making it even easier to eat cleaner
  • L-Theanine produces mental acuity and focus
  • Caffeine and Synephrine work together to increase metabolism and release stored fat

…and these are just some of the amazing ingredients in BURN CYCLE.

Using BURN CYCLE is delicious and easy, just mix it in the coldest water you can find and add ice!

BURN CYCLE Southern Sweet Tea

Variable scoop = more uses

BURN CYCLE gives you the ultimate in flexibility depending on your needs. If you need an ultra-strong pre-workout, BURN CYCLE is your go to with no Beta-Alanine tingles. If your goal is a light mid-afternoon pick-me-up you can use just half a scoop!

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Fasted cardio made easy

Amplify your cardio and support weight loss by taking BURN CYCLE before every cardio session. It gets you motivated to train hard and stay on target. We all know that frequently increasing your cardiovascular system through spin classes, cross-fit, cardio equipment, running or any other challenging activity is an absolute must, but getting it done “on the regular” can be the biggest challenge.

BURN CYCLE is Available in these flavours:

BURN CYCLE is Available in these sizes:


BURN CYCLE Ingredient Breakdown

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate


Carnitine is an amino acid that helps transport fatty acids to the mitochondria of the cell where they can burned and utilized for energy. Carnitine has also shown to decrease carbohydrate metabolism during high-intensity training due to an increase in fat oxidation. BURN CYCLE provides twice the amount of L-Carnitine than other similar category products. The effective transport of fat into the cell to be burned is essential for keto diets.



Tyrosine is an amino acid that serves as a precursor to the body’s two primary fat-mobilizing hormones, norepinephrine and epinephrine, as well as the thyroid hormone, T3 (triiodothyronine), which regulates the metabolism. Your metabolism influences how many calories you burn. Calorie restriction during dieting generally slows your metabolism down. Using Tyrosine can help support a healthy metabolic rate.



A conditionally essential amino acid, taurine is well-known for being a cell volumizer, but has also been shown to increase fatty acid oxidation when taken before cardiovascular training.

Achyranthes Aspera


Achyranthes Aspera is an herb shown to reduce appetite as well as blunt the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate and fat digestion (Amylase and Lipase).



Caffeine increases resting metabolic rate, which in turn burns more calories. Caffeine is a potent appetite suppressant, increases energy levels and stimulates norepinephrine and epinephrine release. BURN CYCLE is the perfect keto energy drink that provides twice the amount of caffeine than other similar category products.



Found naturally in tea and certain strains of mushrooms, theanine, an amino acid, exerts a calming and anti-anxiety effect in the body, especially in those who tend to experience high levels of stress and anxiety. Theanine was added to help “smooth out ” the stimulant-effect from caffeine, synephrine and olive leaf extract. In fact, when combined with caffeine, theanine drastically increases mental focus and alertness.

Olive Leaf Extract


Olive leaf extract contains an active ingredient called oleuropein, which stimulates norepinephrine. Oleuropein also stimulates the production of T3.

Synphrine HCI


Synephrine has been shown to increase the thermic effect of food (the number of calories burned to process what you eat). As well, synephrine has been shown to increase fat oxidation and decrease the number of calories burned from carbs. When combined with caffeine, synephrine aids in performance. Synephrine also works together with caffeine to increase the rate of metabolism and helps to release stored fat. If you’re on a keto diet, this is an essential process.

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10 reviews for BURN CYCLE

  1. nataliestoj

    Such an amazing product !!
    When I’m looking to burn some fat and energy I always take burn cycle before my workout , especially when doing cardio
    I’ve seen great results from using this product
    And the amazing part is that you don’t get the “gitters”

    Highly recommend , one of my favourite products

  2. Larissa

    Love this product! It is my staple before fasted-cardio, or simply for an afternoon pick-me-up during a long work day. I will even take a double scoop and use it as a pre-workout. Helps curb my appetite, give an energy boost, and tastes amazing! Watermelon is my favourite.

  3. jeremi.levesque13

    Love the burn cycle!!! I love the focus and energy that brings me this product while I train . If you look for a rally good burner you should give it a try. Flavor wise I would go whit watermelon and sweet tart candy .

  4. Samantha (verified owner)

    My go to afternoon pick me up! Love peach Bellini flavour!

  5. Vincent Girard (verified owner)

    Taste is great! Just enough taste of « sugar » we love, without the sugar for sure! Give you a good kick for a strong workout! Both me and my girlfriend love it! Would recommend for sure!

  6. lucastyukodi

    Just started taking this, so far have noticed more energy and focus while working out. Have the candy tart flavour, tastes good.

  7. Rebecca McLean (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE the taste!! I use it as a great afternoon “pick me up” instead of a coffee.

  8. Diana (verified owner)

    This is great for me to have late evening I find – curbs the urge to hit the fridge for a late night snack and stick with the start of my fast. Also great in the morning before my run when I’m still fasting for that little boost I need.

  9. Jeff Trafford (verified owner)

    I have purchased other products from Perfect Sports in the past and had a great experience. I did my own research into different companies providing sports supplements and liked your products, selection, explanation and the fact that you are also Canadian.

    Anyways…just thought I would leave you some feedback as the last time I did you listened and responded to my email. Almost made me feel special. 😊

    BTW…thanks for the heads up on the price changes as well…that is what brought me back so I could stock up on a few things.


  10. Kaitlynn (verified owner)

    A delicious way to get some energy to conquer a workout anytime of day. I love that it doesn’t make me feel nauseous on an empty stomach, which works great for a.m. or pre-dinner workouts!

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