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DIESEL® Vegan 100% Plant-Based Protein

23 g


2.5 g*


1 g*





  • 100% Plant-Based Protein
  • Balanced 5 Protein Blend
  • Made with 6 Ancient Organic Grains
  • Within 13% of W.H.O. Recommended Amino Acid Levels
  • Up to 50% of Daily Iron in One Scoop
  • Soy Free and Gluten Free
  • Informed Choice 3rd Party WADA Banned Substances Free Tested
  • Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

*Macronutrient levels may change per flavor. Refer to the Nutrition Facts for details.


Finally, a Plant-Based Protein that delivers what you need!
DIESEL Vegan is a 100% Whole Food, Plant-Based blend of 5 unique proteins and the first fully vegan protein with human-matched levels of amino acids that are within 13% of levels as stated by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

Most people think that vegan proteins are the same as whey, that’s simply not true! They are often sadly deficient in many of the critically important aminos in the proper ratio.

DIESEL Vegan has been calibrated to deliver 23 g of pure protein with over 2 g of the #1 growth and recovery amino – Leucine! If you thought that only non-vegan proteins could deliver aminos like this, think again!

ModCarb® is a patented breakthrough in real food supplementation that delivers 6 organic ancient grains with over 20% protein! It also provides an additional advantage for those who want to avoid sudden cravings.

And, with the natural power of SolaThin® (an ultra-pure 90% protein derived from potato) where research participants lost an average of 1.5 lb of fat in 21 days! That’s 22% more fat lost than the control group!


If you have ever considered adding a plant-based protein to your diet but were afraid to, PERFECT Sports understands! This is the plant-based protein built for you. Smooth texture, delicious taste and big on performance! DIESEL Vegan is the perfect way to add plant-based nutrients to your diet without missing a single beat. Whether you are vegan, paleo, keto or flexitarian, DIESEL Vegan is for you!

No Artificial Sweeteners PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan Protein green hexagon with black erlenmyer flasks
Gluten Free
Lactose Free Green Hexagon with Black Bottle in middle, PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan Protein
Peanut and Nut Free Green Hexagon, PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan Protein
PERFECT Spots DIESEL Vegan Protein, 100% Plant Protein, Green Hexagon with leaves in middle in black
Balanced 5 Protein Blend Vegan Protein PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan protein green hexagon with black text and flower in the middle
Soy Free Green Hexagon with Peas in the middle, PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan Protein
Human Matched Amino Levels in Black underneat Green Hexagon with Molecular structure in middle PERFECT Sports DIESEL Vegan Protein


PERFECT Sports research and development department formulated, sampled and tested every option, along with the rest of the PERFECT Sports team, to ensure that each and every flavor of DIESEL Vegan was smooth and enjoyable without an ounce of chalky mouth feel. If you were ever turned-off of vegan protein because of the way it felt going down, you have found your match in DIESEL Vegan! Guaranteed!


DIESEL Vegan has your goals in mind! PERFECT Sports has added ModCarb®, an expertly concocted mix of 6 organic ancient grains, with over 20% protein, to control cravings and truly fortify this Vegan protein. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill mix of pea protein; this mix is loaded with Organic Oat Bran, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet and Chia. ModCarb was just the start – PERFECT Sports also added Organic Pumpkin Seed protein and Organic Sprouted Brown Rice protein to seal the deal. Stacking is the key to getting all of your aminos in and this


The natural power of SolaThin® (an ultra-pure 90% protein derived from potato) was an absolute must in this formula! Research participants lost an average of 1.5 lbs of fat in 21 days, that’s 22% more fat lost than the control group! Who doesn’t want to drop some extra weight, right? It’s simple, muscle tissue metabolizes fat – more protein means faster muscle repair, means lean and mean physique! PERFECT Sports didn’t just stop at a protein that fits the bill, they added more so you can achieve your goals faster!


DIESEL Vegan is made with all-natural ingredients and is only sweetened using stevia! Even better, it tastes absolutely dessert-like! Getting your keto macros have never been easier or greener!


Informed Choice logo

3rd Party Tested for WADA Banned Substances

The Informed-Choice program and logo allows sport nutrition companies to show that their product has been tested for the presence of a wide range of substances banned in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The Informed-Choice program is a global standard in the quality control of sports nutrition products.

The certification process initially involves a rigorous assessment of our products, raw materials and manufacturing process, which is done in our own cGMP Health Canada licensed facility.

PERFECT Sports Current Good Manufacturing Practice Certified

Made in Canada

PERFECT Sports® has been making NPN licensed (Health Canada Approved) products since 2003. All of our products are manufactured in our very own 100% Canadian cGMP, 100% Peanut-Free / Nut-Free and Health Canada Audited, Site Licensed manufacturing facility. This further helps us to ensure the highest quality of our products and formulas.

Additional information

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Chocolate Ice Dream, Vanilla Ice Dream, Very Berry Splash


1.5lbs, 350g

4 reviews for DIESEL Vegan

  1. Andrea Silva (verified owner)

    Great flavour. Not chalky. Mixes well.
    Hands down the best vegan protein I have ever tried.
    Great. Work. 👏 👏 👏

  2. Joyce

    I just switched to this Protein and really like the taste and texture.

    I only gave 4 stars because I think you could use a smaller plastic container which would drop your packaging and shipping costs (ultimately the buyer’s) and be better for the environment.

    • Jason Bell

      Hey Joyce, thanks for your comments. One of the things that we are working on is a page that tells people what can be recycled and how. One of the best things about our container is that it is made of the most easily recycled plastic called HDPE (which is recycle number 2) which is accepted by most ever recycling program. Remove the label and place the container and the scoop into the recycling bin.
      Even better, our containers are white. Did you know that black plastic that is used by some other brands is not accepted in most recycling programs. Did you know that the lid that we use is PP (polypropylene) which is recycle number 1 is also accepted in many recycling programs as well.

      The 350g size is more compact and provides greater efficiency. Some additional space is always required in all proteins to accommodate the filling phase which has a greater degree of fluffiness which has a strong tendency to settle over time. We are looking at ways to continually reduce any inefficiencies and increase cost effectiveness to bring you the highest quality product.

  3. alori0767 (verified owner)

    5 stars
    I have used protein powders in the past. This is the best tasting and doesn’t make me feel bloated. This review is based on the Vanilla. Looking forward to trying the chocolate!!!

  4. Mary Hoekstra

    This is hands-down my favourite vegan protein powder! It blends so well into smoothies, oatmeal, etc. The vanilla flavour is perfectly sweet with no bitter aftertaste. Highly recommend!

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