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Glutamine • Pure & Unflavoured

5 g









  • Banned Substance Free
  • Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine
  • Anti-Catabolic + Enhanced Muscle Recovery
  • Gluten-Free + Vegan Source

100% pure glutamine

PERFECT Sports Free-Form L-Glutamine powder contains 100% pure HPLC tested Glutamine. This amino acid supplement is a must-have for the hard-training athlete. Recommended by top trainers and pros to help support recovery after the kind of intense workout that gets results.

If you train hard and push your limits with every workout, supplementation with Free-Form L-Glutamine will give your body the level of recovery that will keep you training and growing.

Perfect Sports Glutamine - New Sizes - 400g & 1000g
Perfect Sports Glutamine - New Sizes - 400g & 1000g

Micronized formula

PERFECT Sports Glutamine sets a new standard by producing micronized particles that are 20 times smaller than regular Glutamine powder. Micronized Glutamine mixes up easily and supports faster absorption and uptake for better results while preventing stomach upset.

Vegan source

PERFECT Sports uses only the purest form of L-Glutamine derived from a fermentation process that starts with non-GMO beets as the raw material. The beets are fermented using probiotic cultures, resulting in a highly-pure L-Glutamine powder that is completely vegan friendly.

Government-certified manufacturing

PERFECT Sports Pure and Unflavoured Glutamine is engineered in our own government-certified manufacturing facility to ensure purity, potency and optimal quality. By manufacturing our own products, we maximize value while producing the highest-quality supplements commercially available. Our ingredients are lab tested to ensure that what’s on our label is inside every bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid, which can be made by glutamic acid in the body. However, glutamine can become a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning you need an external source, during high levels of physical stress.

What does Glutamine do?

Traditionally used to help prevent catabolism (muscle tissue breakdown), glutamine has been shown to play an important role in immune support (it’s the primary fuel source for white blood cells), aid in gastrointestinal health (reduces exercise-induced intestinal permeability), increase muscle glycogen (stored glucose/energy) after intense training, help with strength recovery and decrease muscle soreness.

How should I take Glutamine?

(Adults) Mix 1 tesaspoon (5 g) in 250 mL of your favourite beverage.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10.48 × 10.48 × 15.88 cm

1000g, 400g


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