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Thermal Waist Trainer from PERFECT Sports

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Thermal Waist Trainer from PERFECT Sports

  • 100% Neoprene Material
  • Heavy-Duty Ultra-Wide Velcro Closure
  • Rubberized Inner Material
  • One-Size Fits All




Thermal Waist Trainer Belt Neoprene from PERFECT Sports. Ideal for increasing the amount of sweat your body produces in a targeted area, this waist trainer can dramatically increase blood flow to problem areas like tummy fat and love handles. The Thermal Waist Trainer Belt is designed to be worn around your waist during training. It can be worn under or over clothing clothing depending on your preference.

Wearing the belt increases pressure on the area and, most importantly, it prevents the heat generated by your body from being released. As this area heats up due to the high-insulation value of the wet-suit material neoprene, your body will automatically send increased blood to the surface in an attempt to cool the area.  Get your sweat on with this fully adjustable high-heat thermal waist trainer belt to maximize heat.

The PERFECT Sports Thermal Waist Trainer Belt has neoprene on the outside and easy-to-clean, soft, rubberized material on the inside. It has a unique cross-hatch pattern that helps shuttle sweat away. It features sturdy stitching that will hold up to your toughest workouts. The closure is made from a heavy-duty, ultra-wide Velcro tab that allows you to cinch this to virtually any size! Not matter how tight you like to cinch your waist trainer, this one will do it! Your body will have to burn more calories in a effort to maintain core temperature.

Take your cardio to the next level by increasing the heat with the Thermal Waist Trainer Belt from PERFECT Sports!

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