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    Workout Face Mask




      • Antibacterial Protection
      • Inner Sweat Absorbent Layer
      • Anti-Fog for Glasses
      • One-size Fits Most

    Simply the most breathable workout face mask in the world

    This specialized workout face mask is the only one of its kind utilizing proprietary air flow technology to increase breathability to allow the user added comfort during periods of exertion and/or long wear.

    Whether you’re on the track or in the gym, the PERFECT Sports Workout Face Mask provides superior protection and comfort, over and over again, without compromising style!

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    This mask is designed from two separate layers of the highly breathable fabric that mimics the finest sports wear. This provides the ultimate comfort and fit that you need to train at the highest level while providing protection.

    The outer layer provides UV and water resistance while also helping to provide antibacterial protection. While the inner layer helps absorb moisture from breathing.

    The PERFECT Sports Workout Face Mask also provides a metal nose clip for further antibacterial protection and to help prevent glasses from fogging up!

    As well as, the straps are elastic and fit almost any face perfectly. While the comfort slide toggles allow for adjustability to get the “Perfect” fit!


    PERFECT Sports brings you the best training mask there is; top-level comfort, fit and breathability.

    The stitched seam at the chin contours your face giving this mask the look that clearly distinguishes it from bargain-pleated masks.

    The soft fabric provides comfort against your face and the PERFECT Sports and BE GREAT logos silkscreened on the outer layer will let others know you’re associated with the best supplements available.

    The Superior Workout Face Mask

    The PERFECT Sports Workout Face Mask is simply the best workout mask you could ask for.

    The quality of the fabric, the overall design, and enhanced protection make our mask superior to others.

    No matter how many masks you have, this is the one you’ll choose over and over.

    If you’ve gotta wear a mask, this is the one you want!

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    Handling & Care

    • Adjust the mask to fit over your mouth and nose, position ear loops behind your ears.
    • After each use, gently wash in cold water with mild detergent and dry on low heat.
    • Not intended for use during any type of medical or surgical setting.
    • For best results replace your mask every 20-25 washes under general usage.

    Additional information

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    Dimensions N/A

    Adult (One Size)

    1 review for WORKOUT FACE MASK

    1. Jason Bell

      Good fit. Nice design. I’ve worn this in the gym and it was much better than other masks. Comfortable and much easier to breathe than other masks I’ve worn. I slipped it under my chin easily during more intense sets and it was super easy to slip it back up moving between equipment. Wears well, easy to wash.

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