Elite Athletes, Vegan and High Performance, PERFECT Sports Article

Elite Athletes, Veganism and High Performance

"Mindfulness and advanced preparation support plant-based athletes in sport success" [vcex_spacing] In this second plant-based installment on PERFECT Sports, more athletes share their “why” and how their plant-based choices support high-level performances in their sports. We also provide a sneak peak of our new DIESEL Vegan protein profile! [vcex_spacing] Phil Parrot-Migas, Distance Runner [vcex_spacing] Phil runs every distance from 3,000m on the track to half-marathons on the roads. He trains in London, Ont. and has been vegan for three years. Why did you choose veganism? There are three main reasons: ethical, environmental and health performance. I believe an animal's life is worth more than seconds of satisfaction, that there is a massive positive impact on the environment if you eat ...
High-Protein Spread Rice Cake Recipe with DIESEL Vegan

High-Protein Spread with DIESEL Vegan Plant-Based Protein

High-Protein Spread Rice Cakes Getting your plant-based protein in has never been easier and more tasty! Make refreshing vegan protein spread for your toast, waffles, pancakes or make nice and simple rice cake snacks! DIESEL Vegan is the game-changer but this spread makes morning easy! 100 grams Apple Sauce 1 scoop DIESEL Vegan Plat-Based Protein Mix 1 scoop of DIESEL Vegan and 100 grams of Apple Sauce in a mixing bowl or measuring cup, stir well and add toppings of your choosing! Breakfast, Snack American diesel vegan, diesel vegan recipe, protein recipe, protein spread